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A search inside Das Kapital for the phrase "owners of capital": 0 results.

Das Kapitalizt Snopsen Leichtgläubig Sitz im lieben

Got this anachronistic quote in email from my brother, who works in financial realms. It was forwarded to him from someone else, and he passed it onto me. And so, I pass it onto you (with comments): “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and […]

Have strength, my little cabbage. By the mercy of NKVD Order No. 00447, we have been chosen for Resettlement.  We will show the tin mines of Kolyma the true power of the proletariat

Яolcats is full of win

Яolcats: English translations of Eastern Bloc Lolcats. [via boingBoing]

Comfort ye, comfort ye, my people

or not. Dedicated to bloggers everywhere, and to Robert J.C. Parry and comment-thread over at the newly-returned Foothill Cities blog. Comfort ye, my commenters. Comfort ye, my commenters, saith your blog, saith your blog. Speak ye snarkily of politics, and cry unto them, that their ranting is accomplished. Their disagreements hardened. Every political view shall […]

The man speaks truth

What I’m most looking forward to after the election I will finally get my brain back. It’s been extremely difficult for me to focus on anything but the election since about midway through September, which has not been a good thing; I admit I’ve been one of those people who has been refreshing like […]

We can has!

LOL cat meets election results [via MakingLight Particles]