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Poised on a precipice (Twitter)

Poised on a precipice (Twitter)

CNBC reports (as does, no doubt, many others) that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter. This is weird. Yeah, I’m tweeting about it, but I have to blog about it. My first mention of twitter on this here blog was in 2007. Prescient. On continuous partial attention. my continuous partial attention is continuous enough, partial […]

When an internet behemoth goes down, it's time to come back

When an internet behemoth goes down, it’s time to come back

So  today, Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp went down hard. Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security wrote an informative post on what the hell happened. Big failure. Bigger failure is that we’ve come to rely on a behemoth site that is Too Big to fail, Too Big to Jail, and, after the 60 Minutes Whistleblower […]

2020 jokes

2020 jokes

On twitter, there are many jokes about 2020 Hindsight. @ItsSamG asked, “Wait, has anyone done a 2020 hindsight joke yet?” @GordonGillies replied, “I did tell my niece she wouldn’t need glasses next year because she’ll be seeing 2020, lol. I know, Dad joke.” Dudes, dudes. I was SO there, a long time ago. My reply: […]

Dissent of the Day

Today is the day I’m feeling it. The oppressing heat and humidity and smoky air (kiss all that healthful exercise goodbye)… …the buildup of whatever emotional pressure after I “wasted” all of yesterday worrying and surfing and watching the fires encroach the observatories of Mt. Wilson …and watched the live web-feed of eye-in-the-sky helicopter footage […]

If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis…

If I could have met with a mentor on a weekly basis when I was a teenager, I…. I would have gravitated toward art much, much earlier than I did. (My junior high art teacher rocked. Totally. Utterly. Rocked. High school teachers, not so much. About the time I soured on the high school teachers, […]

YouTube videos we talked about at Happy Hour

Of course we mentioned Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent (here’s another recording from 10 years ago — Cry Me A River)… Belgian train station: Liverpool Train station: I’m sure these were inspired by this Frozen Grand Central scene, by Improv Everywhere: Also by Improv Everywhere: Scenes from a mall And the Best Game Ever. […]