Art and Blog

I’ve a friend, artist and art professor, who’s starting a blog. I’ll link when it’s more than a “Hello World” page. In the meantime, she wants to know of other art blogs, art professor blogs, etc. Here’s a quick tour, thanks to Google. Elizabeth Perry: Woolgathering. A drawing a day. Perry teaches writing, I believe, […]

Brother Theodore back from the dead

Stand-up Tragedy. Local Los Angeles theatre, dark humor: The Jewish Journal highlights Robert Trebor in his performance of and homage to Brother Theodore. I saw the performance the same night as the article’s author; Trebor is a friend of a friend, and I’d heard about the show from my friend. It’s a reprisal and adaptation […]

Studio recording, distributed across the ‘Net

NPR ran a story yesterday, A Home Recorder’s Dream. This audio essay by musician Jeffrey Pepper Rogers paints a detailed picture that’s an example of the How The Net is Changing The Way We Create and It’s People-Powered Creative Endeavors memes. So glad I was in the car when that story ran. If you didn’t […]

William Wray, Painter of Blight

Blog, with images of his paintings, discussion. Via the quickly-become-indispensible Foothill Cities blog.

The Treachery of Images: Ceci n’est pas un Oscar

Oscars tonight. Hollywood Blvd has been closed down for days (so they say) and the Metro isn’t stopping at the Hollywood and Highland stop (security, don’t you know) and tho I was invited to an Oscar Party (help celebrate big new Tee Vee), I am, alas, not going. The Magritte exhibit at LACMA is around […]

The Salon-Keeper’s Companion

Eric Utne of Utne Reader: The Salon-Keeper’s Companion “What follows is the text of our original handbook for salon-keepers, published in 1991. We should have put this online long ago, but in the interest of better being late than never, here it is.” At BlogHer, the discussion at one session — Blogs: Gallery or Canvas […]