Altadena’s new North Lake area

Just saw this in the Star News — Drumming up Interest in North Lake Avenue; my eyes popped when I saw Lance Anderson’s name with Altadena Junction, as I see him from time to time at The Coffee Gallery & know him from the LA Podcast Group. He’s set up a creative arts space up […]

by Jeff Gates (Smithsonian American Art Museum - @AmericanArt)

Cupcake Love: Obama and Lincoln

YES WE CAKE! or CAKE WE CAN BELIEVE IN: At the Smithsonian museum, cupcake art! It’s like pixellated images, made of 5900 cupcakes: Watch video of the entire image being constructed by Zilly Cakes: UStream Video. You hear all audio of the Zilly Rosen who’s mic-ed during the entire process. I hear from @Smithsonian that […]


Fun with Type and (I think) After Effects:

Let there be (street) light(s)

This collection of old LA streetlamps at LACMA intrigues. There’s a rumor that my mother’s aunt, who worked as an artist for General Electric for a time, designed a streetlamp that was installed in downtown L.A. I wonder if Chris Burden (the artist) or LAMCA know the provenance of the 202 vintage streetlights?

YouTube of the week… or the year

Pulse. A live action demonstration of animation effects. A trampoline party. Both statements are true. This is must see. (hat tip: Kai Gradert) p.s. I didn’t notice it until later, but check out the white progress bar! hee!

Art and Blog

I’ve a friend, artist and art professor, who’s starting a blog. I’ll link when it’s more than a “Hello World” page. In the meantime, she wants to know of other art blogs, art professor blogs, etc. Here’s a quick tour, thanks to Google. Elizabeth Perry: Woolgathering. A drawing a day. Perry teaches writing, I believe, […]