Recalling events in Summer, 1945

1945: Crossed Wires

Bernard O’Keefe returns to the bomb assembly room at midnight. Others in the assembly group have grabbed some sleep, but since he’s the one in charge of the X-unit that fires the bomb, he’s got to make sure that all the wires are properly connected. It’s the last step before the bomb sphere is loaded […]

1945: PsyOps on Saipan

Hap Arnold in Washington cables Spaatz and Farrell, with new orders. Urgent. A War Information leaflet needs to be created, printed, and distributed to notify Japanese people of the facts of atomic warfare. The U.S. planes have not been dropping just bombs on Japan. They’ve also been distributing leaflets (read overview of leaflet and radio […]

1945: About X-Ray Plates

At the Red Cross Hospital in Hiroshima (where there have been only a handful of doctors for thousands of patients), the hospital’s vice-chief goes down to the basement to get some X-plates from their storage vault. He discovers that every single one of the plates are exposed. Word of this strange phenomenon spreads among the […]

1945: Kure Naval Post investigations

After the bombing, the Kure Naval Base sent ship and personnel to Hiroshima to provide aid to the city. Kure also organized a survey team to investigate the situation in the city and discover what happened. Now they’ve been back at the base, writing up their report.

1945: Of moving up the Date

The date of the mission to drop the Fat Man bomb was originally set for August 20. For some time now, that date has been changed; it’s set for August 11. Now, the day after the Hiroshima mission, there’s discussion about moving it up a day to August 10. Bernard “Barney” J. O’Keefe is in […]

1945: Of Tests and Plane Maintenance

This day sees preparations for the second special bomb mission on Tinian. The aircraft scheduled for the next run, Bock’s Car, is scheduled to fly today with a pumpkin test—the full “gimmik” with a full set of implosives but without the fissile core— and drop it over the ocean nearby Tinian (advantages: lotsa instruments nearby, […]