Recalling events in Summer, 1945

Cadaver of Events

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Live blogging the atomic bomb, time-shifted by 60 years

Blog like it’s 1945! That’s what I’m doing for the 60th anniversary of the first atomic bomb explosion. (There is more to July 16 than a new Harry Potter book, you know) The most recent posts are at the top, older ones are below. So if you want to catch up to what’s already happened, […]

1945: More Investigations

The Kure Naval base team continues investigating what’s happened to the city of Hiroshima. The team is joined by another investigation team, from the Imperial Headquarters Navy. They make measurements and from that deduce the location of the hypocenter of the bomb, and its altitude when it exploded.

1945: Leaflet Draft

In the morning, the OWI group completes their draft for the atom bomb leaflet. They fly the draft to Tinian to General Farrell, who makes a few changes. He calls the changes to Saipan by telephone, and orders that the text be broadcast every fifteen minutes from the radio station on Saipan that broadcasts messages […]

1945: Stimson back in Washington

Secretary of War Stimson and his wife fly back to Washington after a time at his Highhold estate on Long Island. They arrive at 4 pm. Once back in Washington, he holds a conference to discuss the publicity about the atomic bomb with the following people: Robert Lovett, Assistant Secretary of War for Air George […]

1945: Dear Opje

Letter from Haakon Chevalier to Robert Oppenheimer, whom he calls Opje, pronounced Oppie Stinson Beach, California, August 7 1945. Dear Opje, You are probably the most famous man in the world today and yet I am not sure that this letter will reach you. But if it does, I want you to know that we […]