The weekend weblog transition

Another in a series of thinking-out-loud posts about what is required to move from my old weblog host (using UserLand Manila) to a new one. I’m no longer posting on the Manila site, I’m posting here, using Movable Type on TypePad. [only now you’re reading this on a WordPress blog. Weblog acrobatic abound!] My Manila […]

Ring ring ring

So there I was, on the web, waxing eloquent about how those boys and girls at JPL do such good work. I’m several paragraphs into a kinda musing-piece, and the browser crashes, sending all my composed text to file heaven. oh well. Got up this morning to see the ring images start showing up at […]

Hellllllllllllllllo, Saturn!!

New vocabulary: SOI: Saturn Orbit Insertion. Here’s hoping that SOI is not equal to SOL. I’m seeing familiar views in mission control. feel a little better knowing what, for instance “fault” is (the one that tracks when faults happen and what they are). Not really blogging it. (No one’s really at this site) Just watching […]

More Manila moving notes – images

So today I’m downloading via FTP all the static content of my 2020 site, i.e., that statically rendered pages generated from the dynamic Manila site. I know I’m going to have to change all the pointers to the images, so I checked to see how they work right now. I checked an old static page, […]

Cassini Orbit Insertion

June 30, 6pm pacific time, the live coverage begins. (Doc M said that when he rode his bike onto the lab today [tues] there was a tent and signs saying, “Media do not go past this point.”) So it’s gonna be SHOWTIME! for JPL once again. The nailbiter event includes a 96-minute retrorocket burn before […]

Dang it! I’m too late!!!!

I saw Andrei Herasimchuk @ Design by Fire throw a FlameFest Software Giveaway contest. I was jonesing for some old Adobe Software. Threw this together. Here’s a link to the full sized image. Then I go back to his site and see that the contest is already over. Well, enjoy it Andrei… Blogmoving and deadlines […]