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RT: It’s that you stopped making

Stumbled into this insightful (and timely) thread. Here’s a thank you shoutout to @visakanv (twitter), whose website is at at (I may not have blogged in years, but I still have the old-school-blog habit of sending out love in the form of outgoing links. Is this still done? It is here!) the thing that […]

Work to do

Work to do

There’s work to do. Gotta lose the sidebar and gain one of those triple-line menu doodads. I mean, it’s one thing to start blogging again. Then there’s the theme and customization and all that so this site is responsive, baby. The sidebar on the site when viewed in vertical orientation on an iPad isn’t as […]

Words by Mary Karr about a commonplace book. "You're just constantly copying in longhand."

Just show up

In morning pages, the idea is that the hand keeps moving on the page, writing about anything —anything— until the set number of pages is filled up. For three pages, on wide rule spiral notebook paper. Half and hour. 30 minutes, keep your hand moving on the page. These days, having participated in one round […]

Twitter Alternatives

Letting Go I want to let go of Enriching Zuck or Jack or, now, Musk. (whisper it in your best mindfulness meditation voice: Let goooo of enriching Zuck with your attention on his website. Inhale. Exhale. Bring your attention back to your own web site.) I’ve been enriching Zuck and Twitter shareholders. The announcement about […]

When an internet behemoth goes down, it's time to come back

When an internet behemoth goes down, it’s time to come back

So  today, Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp went down hard. Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security wrote an informative post on what the hell happened. Big failure. Bigger failure is that we’ve come to rely on a behemoth site that is Too Big to fail, Too Big to Jail, and, after the 60 Minutes Whistleblower […]