Should auld acquaintance be forgot

New Year’s Eve, 2019. I started this blog (then a Manila site) in the waning days of 1999. Twenty Years Ago. pause, a moment of silence for the passage of time. Twenty. Years. It has lain fallow for some time, but the domain name and year come into alignment. I was contacted out of the […]

Hello, World (2018 edition)

Should I delete my Facebook? (there is probably a direct relationship between the time spent on FB and the scant number of entries posted here) #deleteFacebook The tentacles of Mark Zuckerberg’s FB go deep: groups I’m a part of, people I know only through there, Pages I administer. If I end up doing the deed, […]

Lessons from two American Giants

Lessons from two American Giants

In less than one week, I’ve had the opportunity to go and see and hear from two giants who play tremendous roles creating change in American life. Two organizers who’ve made major things happen in American Civil Life: Rev. James Lawson (co founder of SNCC and organizer of the Nashville Lunch Counter sit ins, & […]

Eric Schlosser signs my copy of Command and Control

Eric Schlosser, author of Command and Control, at KPCC last night

I went to the Crawford Family Forum at KPCC last night to see a conversation between Eric Schlosser and former NPR reporter Mike Shuster in conversation. The topic was the safety of controlling nuclear weapons. Always, conversations like these are unsettling. Humans are the ones in “control” of an unforgiving and unwieldy force. Schlosser’s new […]

Endeavour takes off the Edwards Air Force Base runway for her final flight. Click to embiggen

Endeavour at Dryden/Edwards

500 feet from the centerline of the runway at Edwards Air Force Base. That’s where I was for a landing and a takeoff. The event: Penultimate stop of Endeavour at Dryden Edwards Thursday before the last California-wide trip and the last flight of any Space Shuttle before the final final final landing at LAX on […]

Good Mars Curiosity websites I’m encountering

I’ll keep adding to this list as I come across good sites and good web reads. The MSL Chronicles Pretty excellent. The creative and business lessons of the Mars rovers The Martian Chronicles Blog of ChemCam science team member Ryan Anderson. The movie they showed at this morning’s news briefing intercut the scene in the […]