About 1945

What is this?

It’s a re-presentation of the events surrounding the first testing (and use) of the atomic bomb 60 years ago, in 1945, using the time-and-date stamping format of weblogs.

I’ve been interested in the history of the atomic bomb for a while now. In October 2000, I went to the Trinity Test site (the original Ground Zero) for the bi-annual open house held by the White Sands Missile Range (where Trinity is located).

As the 60th anniversary of that event approaches, I learned that there’ll be a special open house at the Trinity Test Site (Doc M, my boyfriend, and I will be going). Then I got the idea that a moment-by-moment narration of the events of 1945 would fit very well to the format of a weblog’s time-and-date-stamped posts.

General Leslie Groves, the administrator for the Manhattan Project (the code name for the development of atomic bomb) wrote a book (nearly two decades afterwards) entitled Now It Can Be Told. Given the way weblogs work, this blog special might be called Now It Can Be Blogged.

In 1945, the development of the atomic bomb took place in utmost secrecy. It took years—decades—for the documents and materials surrounding the Manhattan Project to be declassified by the United States Government. There’s no way that a normal average Jane or Joe from 1945 could follow the unfolding events. By now, an ample number of books and memoirs about Manhattan Project have come out. Using a few of those, I can re-tell the events for you as if you were the Joe or Jane Doe of 1945.