Should auld acquaintance be forgot

New Year’s Eve, 2019. I started this blog (then a Manila site) in the waning days of 1999. Twenty Years Ago. pause, a moment of silence for the passage of time. Twenty. Years. It has lain fallow for some time, but the domain name and year come into alignment.

I was contacted out of the blue by someone who asked if I wrote the KPT Bryce Book (published 1995). Yes. The person told me a story of finding the book and reading its dedication, to Jeffry Michael, and then finding this blog post in which I remembered him. The story of Jeffry Michael’s life touched the life of my correspondent; there were things held in common.

And here I am, on New Year’s Eve experiencing Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?. This IS Auld Lang Syne, Doc M said to me. And, it’s been a while since I thought of my friend (it’s been 25 years since Jeffry Michael’s death.)

“May his memory be a blessing” is a saying I’ve grown familiar with as friends post the news of a death, and this is a common response of condolence. Today, on New Year’s Eve, his memory is a blessing.

I find, on this the last day of 2019, I don’t think in those terms (sorry year-end roundups. Do not want). I think in fuzzier terms, both what I gotta do right now, and thanks to this correspondence, in generations. Generations do not begin or end cleanly like the gong of midnight from one day to the next, that’s also one year to the next. I find myself thinking of eras that began mid-decade, and end at some other time, to be revisited again and find a deeper significance with the overlaying of events.

May you find blessings in the memories of those who’ve passed. May you remember auld acquaintances, and bring them to mind.