2020 jokes

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On twitter, there are many jokes about 2020 Hindsight.

@ItsSamG asked, “Wait, has anyone done a 2020 hindsight joke yet?”
@GordonGillies replied, “I did tell my niece she wouldn’t need glasses next year because she’ll be seeing 2020, lol. I know, Dad joke.”

Dudes, dudes. I was SO there, a long time ago.

My reply:

reminds me of my old 404 page for my 2020 hindsight site. (blog started ~ Y2K, got its own domain name in 2001, went fallow after 2009) I had a 404 page like an eye chart. heaven only knows where it is, tho.

I went to the Wayback Machine and found the site and image as it was captured in March 2007, and nabbed a screenshot. Which you see above.

(I reserve the right to edit this page to add other good 2020 Hindsight jokes from Twitter)