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2020 jokes

2020 jokes

On twitter, there are many jokes about 2020 Hindsight. @ItsSamG asked, “Wait, has anyone done a 2020 hindsight joke yet?” @GordonGillies replied, “I did tell my niece she wouldn’t need glasses next year because she’ll be seeing 2020, lol. I know, Dad joke.” Dudes, dudes. I was SO there, a long time ago. My reply: […]

Should auld acquaintance be forgot

New Year’s Eve, 2019. I started this blog (then a Manila site) in the waning days of 1999. Twenty Years Ago. pause, a moment of silence for the passage of time. Twenty. Years. It has lain fallow for some time, but the domain name and year come into alignment. I was contacted out of the […]