Good Mars Curiosity websites I’m encountering

I’ll keep adding to this list as I come across good sites and good web reads.

The MSL Chronicles Pretty excellent.

The creative and business lessons of the Mars rovers

The Martian Chronicles Blog of ChemCam science team member Ryan Anderson.

The movie they showed at this morning’s news briefing intercut the scene in the Control Room at JPL with animated images of what the rover was doing at the minutes. Love this.

Links added Tuesday, Aug 7:

Small businesses that made Mars Curiosity possible

Latest Mars Images:
Movies/Animations: Video Archive

Mars Curiosity MSL What’s new page go here for the latest from the press briefings.

(MSL = Mars Science Laboratory, the name of the mission before the rover was named Curiosity. #MSL is a good hashtag to look for the latest ion twitter)

How NASA battle-tested its Mars Rover live stream
(I gotta jump on twitter and ask MarsCuriosity if there are any estimates for total number of ppl watching the livestreams — both from Ustream and NASA-TV online and from those able to get satellite/cable coverage)