Mars landing tonight


At a party last night for members of JPL’s radar department (my boyfriend Doc M works there), we compared notes, gossiped, discussed nerves and contingency plans (heard a bit of scuttlebutt about what procedures are in place in case of failure — these people are prepared), heard about last minute changes sent to spacecraft, ate and drank, looked at Saturn and Mars through the telescope (that was my contribution), and had a dessert of Gale Crater cake and Mars bars.

Here is a leftover Mars bar that I will take with me to one of the two off-lab Mars Curiosity landing events in Pasadena. (These are for JPL Curiosity staff and families) Also in Pasadena today/tonight is the Planetary Society’s Planetfest event, at Pasadena Civic Center. Have no idea if it is already sold out. I went to their events for Spirit’s landing, and for the Mars Phoenix landing. If I wasn’t going to an event for JPL/curiosity staff, that’s where I’d be.

Have no idea if I’ll be doing any live-blogging/tweeting tonight. It depends on wifi availability at the Pasadena City College venue, and the whim of the moment. But this post from my iPad is a test of posting and uploading photos. It makes it a leetle more likely I will be blogging, if I’m not totally undone by damnyouautocorrect. ; )

Watch it live in the nasajpl ustream


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Preview 20 minutes of Norman Seeff’s upcoming documentary about the idea behind Mars Exploration Rovers — Spirit and Opportunity — intercut with Spirit’s landing. It brought back so much.