Wanted: Seeds to Grow Pizza in my Vegetable Garden

Pizza is a Vegetable

Well well well. Congress: Pizza IS a vegetable.*Saw this brilliant tweet from McGarry’s Ghost:

Thinking about planting pizza in my garden next spring, now that Congress says it is a vegetable. Anyone know where I can buy pizza seeds?

So, on Facebook, I said this:

I guess this is the result of one of those genetically modified crops: I gotta get my hands on some pizza seeds. Do you think that’d work in a kitchen window garden?

Amy C responded:

Susan – it’s better to grow the personal sized pizza in a kitchen window garden. The full-size ones get too top heavy.

Steve M said:

I try to eat only freshest locally-grown, organic pizza that has been given just the right amount of water, nutrients and sunshine, and plucked at the moment of maximum ripeness. The crisp, watery crunch of a fresh pizza is just remarkable, and packed with nutrients.

Now, if they’re saying that it’s the tomato sauce that makes pizza a vegetable, do you think this is a pastafarian conspiracy promulgated by the followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? It’s kinda surprising that the FSM would touch his noodly appendage into the deep details of lobbying congress by ConAgra and Schwan and the American Frozen Food Institute.

*Congress: legislating weird things. Why next thing you know they’ll make it a law that Pi is actually 3.0, not 3.14… Oh wait, someone tried that. Oops, no they didn’t. It’s a too “trueâ€?-to-be-good hoax!

2 responses to “Wanted: Seeds to Grow Pizza in my Vegetable Garden”

  1. Ann Erdman

    So now I guess the term “vegetarian pizza” is redundant. We need a playbook on this stuff!

  2. Richard Bevan

    Pizza is not as good in the UK as the US so I suppose the seeds wouldn’t grow in our climate that well either!