There is a fork in the road

in Pasadena, right near Huntington Hospital. I saw it in my rear-view mirror when I drove downtown the weekend before last. There’s a fork in the road located at the fork in the road at 866 S. Pasadena Ave, Pasadena

Just now, I got whispers (and pictures!) of it in my email inbox.

I hear tell that this should make you all feel all giddily anticipatory about Valentine’s Day.

There will be roses in our futures. There will be music and love and romantic guys with long hair, guitars and frilly white shirts. Good taste will be abandoned for another day as ladies will be romanced with flowers and music. And Golden Hugs.

There will be photo ops and silly stuff and thou shalt be pleased. And The Coffee Gallery Backstage will, again, brighten all of our lives with wit, humor and imagination. Oh, what is The Fork In The Road Gang going to do next?

Oh, and it has something to do with The Coffee Gallery Backstage, a cool Altadena hangout that hosts the monthly IWOSCAWG Friday freelance writer meetups. And concerts galore.

UPDATE: Well, I haven’t been driving to downtown L.A. that much. I just learned that said fork in road at fork in road has been there since Hallowe’en. All rightie then. Did you read my previous post? I been otherwise occupied. No doubt there’ll be other things I point to as new new new, only to find out that they’re so three months ago. Wotev. Oh, and get this. The fork in the road at the fork in the road has a blog. A blog, I tell you. You know what I’d really like to read? A crosswalk blog. Pick a random intersection. Observe. Blog.

4 responses to “There is a fork in the road”

  1. Cafe Pasadena

    I think it’s appropriate for there to bee a Fork in the road on Valentine’s. Each year, couples must decide if they are to continue on the same road for another year or go their separate ways.

  2. Petrea

    I’ll be interested to see what’s up with the Fork Guys. If nothing else, they’re amazing at P.R.

    Glad you’re back.

  3. Scott

    I’m surprised that since there’s a fork in the road, noone’s taken it…

  4. Pasadena Adjacent

    My understanding is that Claes Oldenburg’s oversized pop sculptures were inspired by having visited the Rose Parade in his youth. Whenever I see the oversized fork, the chain of influence comes to mind.

    Nice chatting it up with you over at PCC today