Dissent of the Day

Today is the day I’m feeling it.

The oppressing heat and humidity and smoky air (kiss all that healthful exercise goodbye)…

…the buildup of whatever emotional pressure after I “wasted” all of yesterday worrying and surfing and watching the fires encroach the observatories of Mt. Wilson

…and watched the live web-feed of eye-in-the-sky helicopter footage of flames approaching a very close friend’s house in La Crescenta (it’s a controlled burn, conditions favorable, but still), and right as the flames crawl down the hillside to her backyard, the voice of the reporter/cameraperson says, “Okay, let’s head back to Mt. Wilson, they’re doing another super scooper pass” – bye-bye live coverage of how her house is faring…

… and today reports are that the fire creeps eastward, and now the name of my city is mentioned in the news in headlines that say “fire is approaching…”

…and I think to myself, Okay, it’s time to hit Andrew Sullivan‘s site for a Mental Health Break movie. There it is, at the top of the page, the sunset timelapse.

Behold the chasm between east and west — they all seek a nice wee break from it all by revelling in the furious beauty of our oppressive fiery world.

Tho I’ve been been into the timelapses — really into them — I’m not today. No mental break here. Epic timing fail.

2 responses to “Dissent of the Day”

  1. altadenahiker

    When I felt in most danger, I couldn’t stay off youtube, finding old Peter Sellers and Alan Bennett clips. Don’t ask me why.

  2. Cafe Pasadena

    “Your city”, SK? U mean SMadre or Monrovia? I don’t wan it to go eastward either but for other reasons. Prepare for the worse just in case.

    And, yes, KB, I agree. Stay off the UTube vids of Peter & Alan else you continue to feel endangered.