Station Fire in La Cañada

Here are the places I’m going (well, other than outside, looking to the north and west) to find out the latest about the Station Fire in La Cañada. It’s creeping east into northwest Altadena. JPL is closed this weekend.

[note: Sunday Aug 30. I’m still adding links to this list]

Time Lapse Test: Station Fire from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo. [via LA Observed]

3 responses to “Station Fire in La Cañada”

  1. Cafe Pasadena

    good listing. good work.

  2. Richard L. Hess

    Great listing–thanks, Susan! Mary Beth’s and my thoughts and prayers are with all our friends and former neighbours in this area. One webcam I’ve been watching is the Mount Wilson TowerCam that is locked on the communications towers. Last night there was a red glow which is now gone, replaced by smoke, but the towers still seem to be there.

    Good luck!

    Aurora, Ontario, Canada

  3. Greg Gehr

    excellent resource, and thanks for including me on your list! ( I am of course adding a link back from my blog at )