10 things I didn’t know about Facebook

I’m at the homestead (parents’ house, where I grew up) and there are younger ones here for (“I want an email address!”)

And for the first time, I set up an account for my niece and got to see what the Mac offers in the way of Parental Controls. Cool.

While researching the minimum age for Facebook (13), I saw this article written by a member of a parents group that got a Facebook rep to attend their meeting.

If you lie on Facebook, you’re stuck with it. Lot of kids inflate their reported ages drastically to get around age restrictions on the site; they may come to regret this when they’d rather not be several years older. (Yes, they could kill their account and start fresh, but after a couple of years building a network and content, that’s a pretty drastic move.)

–If lie about your age, you likely won’t get caught. But if you do get caught, your age will not be changed, you will simply be deleted. If you contact Facebook and ask to change your age, you will be deleted.

–A 26-year-old engineer working at Facebook is considered a senior citizen.

–No one working at Facebook is dealing with Facebook privacy from a parent’s perspective, because no one is old enough to be the parent of a teen.

4 responses to “10 things I didn’t know about Facebook”

  1. Cafe Pasadena

    Don’t the Russians, Putin et al, own about 1/3 of Facebook now?

  2. Kelly

    Sometimes FB seems like an overly-laden roller coaster car just about to careen out of control…

  3. Pasadena Adjacent

    I’d like to kill my account. Good to know thats possible

  4. Ann Erdman

    OK, I’m going to say that I’m in my mid-50s (lie) instead of my late-50s (truth)!

    I like Facebook more than Twitter because of the interactivity.