Windowfarms launches its how-to site, So! very! cool! A while back, during my sick July days (respiratory crud [nearly] all month long, oh joy), I found a site called Windowfarms. So cool. R&DIY — Research and Develop It Yourself, a project spearheaded by Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray. A New York City grow your garden in your own window project. Urban farming on personal scale, using hydroponic growing techniques. Constructed from recycled water bottles, plastic martini/champagne glasses(!), tubing and PVC pipe, the window farm can be made for a modest outlay of money.

This sounds perfect for certain condo complexes where close-set buildings make the pattern of only-hottest-3-hours-of-the-day of direct sunlight make the front porch/patio unsuitable for growing a container vegetable garden. identifier

An introductory movie:

On the Nerdabout New York site, there’s a page featuring the Windowfarms project, with a nice 8-minute movie with an interview of Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley about the installation at Eyebeam.

So that’s where I found myself in my July surfing. Today I got email that the new site —, with all kinds of how-to articles and instructions (short intros and links to PDF articles articles and pdfs and plans) is now launched.

How do those bottles stay together? Turns out you drill a hole in the bottom the size of the bottle top, and poke the neighboring bottle neck through it, then screw the cap on the other side. Surprisingly strong.