Altadena’s new North Lake area

Just saw this in the Star News — Drumming up Interest in North Lake Avenue; my eyes popped when I saw Lance Anderson’s name with Altadena Junction, as I see him from time to time at The Coffee Gallery & know him from the LA Podcast Group. He’s set up a creative arts space up there. Cool. I make it to that area from time to time; will make it there with a bit more intention the next time.

Looks like there’s some local artist community organizing at its finest:

To tap the area’s potential, businesses need to work together, he said.

[…]Several merchants noted that the area is a draw for artists, businesses and residents involved in the creative community.

But the mix of business hasn’t always kept pace with the tastes of new local residents, they said. A higher-profile tenant that fits in with the area’s character would be nice, they said.

The corner of Mariposa Street and New York Drive are aching for a bakery, McGinty said, adding that though he’s not a fan of chains and franchises, a Starbucks would help the area. So would a cafe – and ultimately, another gallery.

Getting such a business into the neighborhood requires serious backing from local elected officials and the chamber of commerce, McGinty and others say.

Being in an unincorporated part of L.A. County, the district doesn’t generate much sales-tax revenue.

So when it comes time to ask something of elected officials, it could be a tough sell because the area doesn’t attract a lot attention, McGinty said.

2 responses to “Altadena’s new North Lake area”

  1. Kelly

    North Lake in Altadena has a lot of potential. I can see it becoming a trendy destination, should it get the right mix of art, eateries and shops.

  2. Cafe Observer

    Ditto the above…since forever.