Atlantis on the ground in California

I awoke suddenly this morning around 8:30 or so. Later I learned that Space Shuttle Atlantis landed in California. Did we hear the sonic boom? Well, no. But the signature boom-boom happened right around the time I woke up, so maybe I slept through it and wakened immediately afterwards.

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This was a very special mission — to fix the Hubble telescope. Which has given us amazing views of the world beyond. When the talk was about not having a Hubble mission — back when — I was upset. Look, in terms of real science, Hubble wins over the space station hands down. No question. One provides real science. One is an international relations feel-good boondoggle.

APOD from a few days ago, during one of the spacewalks:

Above Earth, Fixing Hubble Credit: STS-125 Crew, NASA

Above Earth, Fixing Hubble Credit: STS-125 Crew, NASA

Fixing the Hubble, so it can get more pictures like this:

Planetary Nebula K 4-55

Planetary Nebula K 4-55

Welcome back, STS-125 crew! And congratulations for a job very well done!

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  1. Hal

    Yes indeed, well done all around. Especially for those procedures behind the areas labeled ‘no user serviceable parts beyond this panel.’