Releasing Hubble from the Shuttle

I’ve been following but not blogging (till now) the Space Shuttle and Hubble telescope progress (I’ve been tweeting it, tho).

I just watched this video taken from the Shuttle crew window of the release of the Hubble telescope, which is back in “flagship condition” and is expected to remain in operations until 2020. (we’ll call that 2020 Outsight). Astonishing perspective of this telescope and this planet we call home. (Video Length ~ 6:44 mins.)

Direct YouTube link

2 responses to “Releasing Hubble from the Shuttle”

  1. John Bredehoft

    “2020 Outsight”? Can we expect more of these over the next eleven years? 🙂

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    dunno. Just the word 2020 + preposition + sight. 😉 I’ll make ’em up as I go along.