Procrastinator’s Voter Guide for California Special Election

CA Secretary of State explantionss, pie chart w/ budget percentages The Pie chart I’d like to see is the one that divvies up the Legislated budget and ballot-box budget portions of the pie.

Economist: California the Ungovernable State

Find your polling place (statewide, leads to registrar locations by county).
Los Angeles County Polling Place Locator (Glad I looked this up; my polling place is someplace I’ve never been to before; not even my city!)

Editorial recommendations:

I love what Kevin Drum said — “My views on these initiatives are about as firm as jello right now.” I can relate. I’ve moved from No on everything to Yes on everything and back to No on everything all within the space of 8 hours.

When the California Constitutional Convention item goes on the ballot, I am SO voting Yes to hold such a thing that we might fix our horrible beast of a state.