So many wonderful options for the weekend

There’s the JPL open house, Saturday and Sunday. If you go, get there early.

There’s BarCamp LA (I’ll be there tomorrow, Saturday, giving a presentation on portable digital audio recorders)

Sunday, there’s PlayWriteGirl (I’m going — all day) Pasadena Star News and San Gabriel Valley Tribune stories story about PlayWriteGirl… the benefit performance is this Sunday at 6pm. Actors will perform scenes that the girls come up with during the day’s workshop.

There was one other event I heard about, but it slipped my mind.

2 responses to “So many wonderful options for the weekend”

  1. Kelly

    GuerilLA. That’s the other one. I’m in their Facebook group.

  2. Petrea

    So how was PlayWriteGirl? I haven’t heard any reports.