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Altadena’s new North Lake area

Just saw this in the Star News — Drumming up Interest in North Lake Avenue; my eyes popped when I saw Lance Anderson’s name with Altadena Junction, as I see him from time to time at The Coffee Gallery & know him from the LA Podcast Group. He’s set up a creative arts space up […]

Tabbouleh: It to me is like Popeye’s spinach

Courtesy of my uncle, I bring you Tabbouleh. (A definite idea for Doc M’s enthusiastic parsley plants!) Direct YouTube link

Above Earth, Fixing Hubble Credit: STS-125 Crew, NASA

Atlantis on the ground in California

I awoke suddenly this morning around 8:30 or so. Later I learned that Space Shuttle Atlantis landed in California. Did we hear the sonic boom? Well, no. But the signature boom-boom happened right around the time I woke up, so maybe I slept through it and wakened immediately afterwards. Direct YouTube link This was a […]

Memorial Day in the San Gabriel Valley

Memorial Day Celebrations in the San Gabriel Valley– 9:00 am. San Marino event at Lacy Park. 9 a.m. 1485 Virginia Road. I’ve been to that in the past, and have found the roll call of veterans in attendance the most moving part of the ceremony. (source: Pasadena Star News, see link below) 10:00 am Monrovia […]

Roasting George Lucas

Carrie Fisher: Direct YouTube link P.S. The William Shatner opener is pretty good, too.