YouTube videos we talked about at Happy Hour

Of course we mentioned Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent (here’s another recording from 10 years ago — Cry Me A River)…

Belgian train station:

Liverpool Train station:

I’m sure these were inspired by this Frozen Grand Central scene, by Improv Everywhere:

Also by Improv Everywhere: Scenes from a mall

And the Best Game Ever.


Subway art gallery

6 responses to “YouTube videos we talked about at Happy Hour”

  1. Petrea Burchard

    Spectacular, every one. I just love these. Thank you for posting them, Susan!

  2. Larraine

    How can you NOT love these videos. The musical ones especially make my heart sing!

  3. Margaret

    Love it. How knew Julie Andrews had the hip hop spirit?

  4. Karen

    I want to join one of these!

  5. Dianne Patrizzi

    OH for H or G sake -I don’t know. You are killing me!

    PS. My mom is going to Festival of Books to see Bradbury on Sat.

  6. Kelly

    These are better than Prozac!