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Leading economic indiciators, real estate edition

Three blogs about real estate I’ve stumbled across lately. Jim the Realtor’s Bubbleinfo. Real Estate in North San Diego County. Including ascerbic, reality-based video walk-throughs of property. And ice cream trucks. Recently featured in LA Times and apparently in Good Morning America Irvine Housing Blog: More orange county real estate madness. But it addresses regional […]

Freedom: Shut off the internet for a time

Freedom: A little shareware app for Mac OS that will shut off your network (read: internet) access for any time between 5 minutes to 8 hours. And once it’s off, the only way to get internet access back again is to restart the computer. Have downloaded it and tried it (briefly) on the laptop and […]

Web Magpie: Shiny, magnetic, kewl.

Magnetic curtains. A kind of bendable buddy shape-it-yourself window covering. Post is dated January 2008; someday they’ll go into actual production. WANT. [via TNH’s Particles]