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How did we get here (economy) and how do we fix it?

This is a bit long and drawn out, but it’s got ooh! shiny! clarity! if you’re still trying to wrap your head around all this economy mess. Berkeley economist Brad deLong is having a debate with a person named Luigi Zingales about Keynesianism, a type of fiscal policy (I’ve heard the name, but can’t really […]


During the Great Depression, there were Hoovervilles. Shantytowns and tent villages of the homeless. Now, in 2009, there are Bushvilles. Direct YouTube link More, from @anamariecox: RT @Paulinehess “Sad thing is that the only reason Sac tent city is getting attention is because it now has middle class residents.” True. Even more, from @Paulinehess: @anamariecox […]

You live in Pasadena? Vote tomorrow!

This public service announcement brought to you by Ann Erdman , who spammed visited my blog comments to let you know. My city’s elections are next month, I believe. April 14, 2009. The day before taxes are due. Hmm.. will that date further depress what’s normally a low-turnout election event?

A search inside Das Kapital for the phrase "owners of capital": 0 results.

Das Kapitalizt Snopsen Leichtgläubig Sitz im lieben

Got this anachronistic quote in email from my brother, who works in financial realms. It was forwarded to him from someone else, and he passed it onto me. And so, I pass it onto you (with comments): “Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and […]

Entire chess set

Alice in Wonderland Chess Set at USC’s Doheny Library

[UPDATED] I had an appointment today at USC’s Doheny Library. I wound my way from the back of the building to the front, and came across a few students playing chess on a large set on the floor of the library. (I was late, was late, for a very important date, so I didn’t stop […]

Non Americans speaking in American Accent

Like, totally awesome! 10 videos of people trying their American accents. [via Andrew Sullivan] It calls to mind two items. During the summer of 82, when the song “Valley Girl” was getting tons of airplay, I heard tell of the song from the mentions of friends long before I managed to catch the song itself […]