LA Times Book Festival April 25-26

I just went to the site and saw that yes, Frances Dinkelspiel is one of the authors appearing there. This is well and fitting and good. She’ll be on a panel Saturday at 3, “History: Unknown Los Angeles.” Her book, Towers of Gold, about Isaias Hellman, tells an important story about the origins of L.A. and CA itself. I was at a conference at USC over the weekend, and noticed that there’s a street on the USC campus called Hellman way. It’s named for the Isaias Hellman of Dinkelspiel’s book (her great-great Grandfather). I wrote a review of the book last fall. I recorded an interview with Frances, and will finish transcribing it and post it the week before the Festival.

Festival of Books site Discussion Panels description — Saturday and Sunday schedule

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  1. Dianne Patrizzi

    Egggggzzzelllent! I wonder how the adventure with this book and history has been for her since last we spoke.