Jon Stewart does CNBC

Just watch. It’s segments like these that get Jon Stewart into hot water — somehow his “fake news” show gets the reputation for doing, like, you know, actual news or news-like analysis.

Rick Santelli was supposed to go on his show, but cancelled. For a news analyst comedian, it’s just more material.

Oh, there’s more on the meltdown and financial reporting on the show. Watching vids now. Don’t be surprised if they show up further down in this post.

Jon’s Guest: Joe Nocera, who wrote the NYTimes story on AIG, Propping Up A House of Cards:

4 responses to “Jon Stewart does CNBC”

  1. mcmama

    He never claims to be anything but a comedian, but he does leave his audience better informed than so some of the so-called ‘news’ shows on cable.

  2. altadenahiker

    I’m scared to click on the links because I fear he may be too close to the truth.

  3. Margaret

    I don’t have cable, so I get very excited when offered Jon Stewart clips. Fun, funny, but also kind of depressing. Our country is so messed up.

  4. Hal

    We haven’t laughed so hard since the “Coot-Off” mashup TDS put together of Senators Byrd and Stevens squaring off on…, something a couple of years ago.

    Both Daily Show and Colbert were in high form last night. Emmy worthy perhaps?