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by Jeff Gates (Smithsonian American Art Museum - @AmericanArt)

Cupcake Love: Obama and Lincoln

YES WE CAKE! or CAKE WE CAN BELIEVE IN: At the Smithsonian museum, cupcake art! It’s like pixellated images, made of 5900 cupcakes: Watch video of the entire image being constructed by Zilly Cakes: UStream Video. You hear all audio of the Zilly Rosen who’s mic-ed during the entire process. I hear from @Smithsonian that […]

How to condense “blog wisdom” from 9 years into 1 hour

(UPDATED) I’m going to be a guest speaker at a class at CSUF tonight, taught by Steve Scauzillo, who works at Pasadena Star News by day, and teaches an editorial opinion writing class by night. This is my thinking-out-loud post where I gather my thoughts. Post will continue to change as I update things. If […]

Possible fixes to dead (dark) LCD monitors

My 2nd monitor died. Power indicator lights up as though power is on. Computer thinks it’s sending data to 2nd monitor. But screen itself is dark. Google search on LCD monitor no backlight yields some good results. Apparently, you can shine a bright flashlight at a monitor with these symptoms, and if you see actual […]

Alas, alas, for teleflip which is no more

I am so late to this news, but within the last day or so, I finally read the news. Teleflip went bust. Earlier (like, years earlier) in this blog’s history, I learned of a great service for sending emails to cell fones using the formula of 7-digit-number at teleflip dot com, and teleflip would forward […]