Presentations, Powerpoint, &cetera: Link roundup

At this week’s Toastmaster Club meeting, which included two slide show presentations (one of which was my infant foray into Keynote) I was reminded again of the need for simplicity as expressed by Tufte, et. al., when it comes to powerpoint/keynote and other slide show presentation apps.

The damn software application launches and its default state is lots of bullet points, in indented hierarchy. It’s too easy to do this:

“The app gives me bullets, so, okay, then, I’ll write my presentation text as bullets!”

It’s too easy to fall into this rut without consciously thinking about the amount and nature of information — how much? Too much… or too little..?

So… useful links:

Edward Tufte’s Cognitive Style of Powerpoint — a $7 essay paper, with an online excerpt: PowerPoint does Rocket Science — and Better techniques for technical reports.

Presentation Zen Garr Reynolds’ blog on issues related to professional presentation design. There’s a book, too. Just looked at it, and there’re good posts w/ lots of good info there. Plus! presentation tips from Garr’s website.

Garr Reynolds: Top Ten Slide Tips. If you click only one link from this post, click this one.

Guy Kawasaki’s 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint

“a PowerPoint presentation should have ten slides, last no more than twenty minutes, and contain no font smaller than thirty points.”

Here’s Guy, talking about it in this 1:52 video:

Hee! Is it presentation or a comedy routine? How NOT to use PowerPoint! [direct YouTube link]

OMG, there’s Powerpoint Comedy. Beautiful.

Larry Lessig’s Presentation style, described at Presentation Zen. (very effective, does not follow the 10/20/30 rule) Also: Lessig’s presentation at TED

Six Minutes: A Public Speaking and Presentations Skills Blog, by Andrew Dlugan. It has a Visual Aids category. Get thee hence to read up on slides, powerpoint, &cetera.

Andrew Dlugan also analyzes “The Lessig Method” as presented in a presentation by Dick Hardt:

It was unlike any presentation I had ever seen at the time. I noted that I had just been injected with information.

I’m sure there’s more, but I gotta click publish and move onto other tasks for the day.

Do you know of other good presentation sources?

Have stories of The Worst Presentation Evar that you’ve witnessed? (that’s good for a Friday funny, eh?)

2 responses to “Presentations, Powerpoint, &cetera: Link roundup”

  1. mademoiselle gramophone

    Oh, I’ve had some real dillies in my past, pre-PP and Prof. Lessig. I have been meaning to join a Toastmasters to brush up. Besides that, it can be fun. Have a great weekend!

  2. Alan G

    I suppose at some point I will stop laughing at your referenced “Powerpoint Comedy” link but for the time being…. I will just have to endure it!