Cupcake Love: Obama and Lincoln

YES WE CAKE! or CAKE WE CAN BELIEVE IN: At the Smithsonian museum, cupcake art! It’s like pixellated images, made of 5900 cupcakes:

by Jeff Gates (Smithsonian American Art Museum - @AmericanArt)

by Jeff Gates (Smithsonian American Art Museum - @AmericanArt)

Watch video of the entire image being constructed by Zilly Cakes:

Completed Cupcake Art

Watch the construction video on Ustream TV

UStream Video. You hear all audio of the Zilly Rosen who’s mic-ed during the entire process. I hear from @Smithsonian that they might try to make this into a quick time-lapse movie.

Cupcakes will get eaten at the end of the day Saturday. Cupcakes are yellow-cake (I think) with Obama filled with chocolate filling, and Lincoln filled with cream filling. That’s wjat tje

It’s blogged here, too. And there was a cupcake image of Obama constructed for election day. Cupcakes Take the Cake blog interviewed her.

Aaaand Cake Wrecks (worth a visit in its own right) documented the moment as an It’s a Cake, but not a Wreck phenomenon (work in progress shots worth viewing)

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