Alas, alas, for teleflip which is no more

I am so late to this news, but within the last day or so, I finally read the news. Teleflip went bust.

Earlier (like, years earlier) in this blog’s history, I learned of a great service for sending emails to cell fones using the formula of 7-digit-number at teleflip dot com, and teleflip would forward the email to the right service. It was a very convenient way to send messages to people’s cel fones w/ having to know each carrier’s subdomain dot domain dot net or dot com.

I sent a message to someone, and it bounced. And lo, it’s confirmed as of last August — Teleflip has flipped for good.. I’ll prolly find the “KTHXBAI” email from them in my email inbox detritus. But the “Undeliverable” message was much louder.