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Alas, alas, for teleflip which is no more

I am so late to this news, but within the last day or so, I finally read the news. Teleflip went bust. Earlier (like, years earlier) in this blog’s history, I learned of a great service for sending emails to cell fones using the formula of 7-digit-number at teleflip dot com, and teleflip would forward […]

Small Businesses and Gross Domestic Product

Inspired by Robert Scoble’s post that Davos isn’t getting it right on Small business. Okay, if small business is being overlooked — why? What percentage of the GDP is created by small businesses? Report: Small Businesses produce HALF of non-farm private GDP (from a 1998-2004 study) Link to PDF of actual report Small Business: Fewer […]

What 18 Billion looks like - based on Michael Marcovici's work

What does $18 Billion look like?

It looks like this (thanks to Geekologie, which posted the original $1 Billion on which this is based) This was inspired by some congresscritter’s rant on how high a stack of $100 bills would be — totalling $1 Trillion. It’s my response to visualizing incredible sums. I’d like to see the stack of money that […]