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The old train station (now a restaurant at Staion Square), Pittsburgh

Tilt-shifting my photos

Been playing with Tilt-shift at For that ultra-up close miniature look.

The most entertaining comment thread so far this year..

…can be found here: Added Bonus: Irregardless what you think conversate is a word. Ta-Nehisi Coates has, for a couple of days now, posted about the word “conversate.” He recounts his conversation with Jesse Sheidlower, author of The F Word and Editor At Large for the Oxford English Dictionary. Ta-Nehisi: So is conversate a word? […]

Migrating Mail Rules to new computer

One last mail migration detail I’ll note here for the benefit of Google search and Mac OS Apple Mail users everywhere: Moving your rules from an old computer to a new computer: On the old computer, locate the plist file for the old mail rules. You’ll find it here /MacintoshHD/Users/your_user_name/Library/Mail/MessageRules.plist Copy the file to […]

2009: Core. Realize. Connect.

Inspired by Chris Brogan’s 3 goals for 2009 [via Beth Kanter] He wanted to use words that would pull him toward his goals. I like the idea of summing up major themes for the year into three words. If you want to try the process, it works something like this: think of how you want […]