The talking television box: KPCC’s Offramp and Yaroslavsky

I went to visit my folks last night and this morning. Dad had the TV going, and –strangest thing — he had it dialed in to the feed of the LA County Supervisors meeting. Strange, especially as my folks live in Orange County. I was just about to switch it off (or mute it) when one of the gummint guys on tee vee said, “Let’s have Frank Stoltze and Queena Kim come up.”


I know those names from KPCC. Queena Kim was part of Pacific Drift, and now OffRamp. Well, it turns out that Zev Yaroslavsky was presenting them with commendation for their show on the fire that destroyed most of Oakridge mobile home park, The Ashes of Oakridge. (No, I haven’t listened to it yet. Will do, right now). There I was, behind the Orange Curtain, rooting for my home team. Grinning, applauding, cheering them on.

[Home team: When I took a basic audio course at Pasadena City College, my teacher was long-long long ago KPCC deejay (back when they had music) and current station technical director, Doug Johnson.]

I saw them all get up to speak, more to see the faces that go with the voices I’ve heard again and again. (John Rabe spoke, too. Dark hair. I took him for a light brown haired person)

That’s random boring public access TV turned fun.

2 responses to “The talking television box: KPCC’s Offramp and Yaroslavsky”

  1. Margaret

    It can be disappointing to see radio folk. We have these illusions of how they must look, and I don’t often like to have that taken away.

  2. john rabe

    Gee, Margaret! Way to bring a guy down!

    I personally think Frank Stoltze and Queena Kim are some of the most attractive radio people around.

    — John Rabe
    Host, KPCC’s Off-Ramp