Rose Parade Float redux

Greets to all New Year websurfers! I’m staying away from the Rose Parade this year — float construction, visiting, parade, etc. Just not gonna happen for 2008-2009. But I’ve been there, blogged that in the past, so here’s a roundup of Rose Parade float construction, judging from the past, for your viewing pleasure.

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December, 2001: Comin’ up Roses

fruit n chili dinosaur:

Rose Parade Float Decoration mega photo page. This was on the site of Fiesta Floats, whose construction warehouse is in Duarte, CA.


Fiesta Floats Fun Fact: Raul Rodriguez, float designer, rides in the parade each year with a parrot on his shoulder.

Completed Floats: On New Year’s Eve morning (that would be just a little while ago), the judges come around to view the completed floats. Complete with costumed float riders and everything. These photos were taken during and just after the judging.

bp dino duo:

December, 2004: JPL had a float in the 2005 parade, and Doc M and I helped decorate. Here’s a 4-part photo essay showing what decoration was like.

NASA meatball

yellow mum placement

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  1. Irina Netchaev

    Susan, love the photos! Thanks for taking us on a tour!!!

    Happy New Year!