Out with the old, in with the new, except for email migration woes

Y2K+8 ends with a new computer. The last step in migrating from old to new is email. Which (surprise, surprise) is not going smoothly.

Old computer: PowerMac G4 Dual 1.25GHz. MacOS 10.4.11
New computer: MacPro 2×2.8GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon MacOS 10.5.6

Migration successes, noted. Or, how to use the MacOS Migration Assistant to successfully migrate at least some of a user account from one computer to another, after setting up the new mac.

When I first launched the new Mac, I didn’t use the migration tool to bring over everything. Mistake? Possibly. Anyway, it said I could do it later, and so I chose that option.

I set up my account (susan), and installed some software that had been waiting for the new computer.

Later, when I tried to use Migration Assistant, the option to completely overwrite the account info was “grayed out.” I poked here and there in support forums before it dawned on me — I could not be logged in as susan (w/ admin access), and overwrite the susan account w/ an account (susan) from the old machine.

Solution: Create a second admin account (sakadmin), log out of susan and into sakadmin, and then run Migration Assistant to overwrite NewMac’s susan account with OldMac’s susan account. Success.

Except that not very much stuff was migrated. But whatever. Target disk mode is nice and connecting two machines via firewire make the transfer of gigs and gigs of data pretty easy.

Except that I’ve somehow managed to bungle the migration of mail data.

Troubleshooting Mail Migration: A post-in-progress [solution found! at end!]

The problem: I can see all my mailboxes for all my accounts in the left hand column. When I select a mailbox, I see no list of individual mails on the right. Cannot see any single message.

This post tells what to migrate if you’re going to do it manually. I used that as a reference to copy over mail data.

Mac OS 10.5.6 Mail.app has had some problems. Here’s a page with a Mail.app software updater. Tried it. No joy.

Something I might try: Maintenance 1.2.5. Freeware app from Titanium’s Software. Does system maintenance, including working on mailbox data. Worth a try.

No joy. Oh, and I didn’t mention that when I launch Mail.app, I cannot quit it except by force-quitting.

A discussion thread on 10.5 mail app not quitting.


SOLUTION! User adamast logged onto Apple help forums two days ago (after I posted this blog entry) and wrote down an exact description of the problem, and the steps to solve it. Precisely. Exactly. Happily. Giddily. ALl this the night before the first work week of the new year begins in earnest. Color me stoked!

One response to “Out with the old, in with the new, except for email migration woes”

  1. Michael

    I had a similar issue with mail migration some time ago — mail folders do show up, but not the individual mails (that was definitively before 10.5.6).

    What helped me was to locate mail folder with the finder (something like Library/Mail/IMAP-mailaddress/…), re-import this e-mail folder and then replace the original folder with the re-imported content.