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Home, sweet home

Reactions to John Holdren (Science Advisor)

John Holdren on David Letterman [via AAS Blog] Chris Bowers: Hooray for Holdren… John Holdren has spent his career trying to save the planet: recently, that’s meant doing everything he can to stop global warming. Bowers saw Holdren speak and wrote to a friend about it: I saw John Holdren speak last night on global […]

John Holdren to be White House Science Advisor

ScienceInsider posts the news (well, the “strong indications” of news) that physicist John Holdren will be Obama’s Science Advisor. [via Ben Smith] Holdren is well known for his work on energy, climate change, and nuclear proliferation. Trained in fluid dynamics and plasma physics, Holdren branched out into policy early in his career. He has led […]