Debbi goes to Christmas Tree Lane

Debbi Swanson Patrick at Altadena Above It All went to the Christmas Tree Lane festivities Saturday evening. Photo post 1, Photo post 2.

(I nearly went. This year we took a hiatus from the new-ish Christmas Tree Lane party tradition. Previously hampered by Mars Won’t Wait mode. Turned out that last weekend was a busy one. Very busy. During which I felt as tho I were fighting off the beginnings of a cold. Saturday was sooo cooold and I was unprepared on the bundle-up front. So a friend came to Doc M’s house –in walking distance of Christmas Tree Lane, and we drank tea and chatted, and then later went to a Life Stories reading/performance, where I saw Kelly and others read. That oncoming cold? Never showed up!)

2 responses to “Debbi goes to Christmas Tree Lane”

  1. Kelly

    Thanks for the link to Deb’s photos, and thanks for the link to moi! I’m not used to WP new dashboard yet either…missed your incoming link. Most of all thanks for your encouragement and for being present last Saturday evening!

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Welcome, Kel Bell. I heard the Kell Bells on Christmas Day, their old familiar life songs play. Or something. Sorry, I’m just back from the annual December champagne tasting at the Ath (+ dinner which included a glass of red wine that was a 4-syllable italianate sound wine, but sorry, I can no remember it now.) so am full of uninhibited good cheer. OMG. 7. different kinds of sparkling wine. Plus there was an empty space next to me at the Ath, so I got to have “seconds” of one, or two preferred tastings. Oh, and we got another second glass from another table which had an empty place.

    We few. We scavengers few. We happy scavengers few. We happy few.

    You get the idea.


    You were mahvelous, dahling. Gears one through four. And those “in one lines” gears. But three and four. oh, they were good.