Carrie Fisher on NPR’s TOTN, Wishful Drinking, Star Wars Christmas Saga

I caught Carrie Fisher on yesterday’s NPR Talk of the Nation show, which broadcasts here in KPCC-radio-waveland at night. She’s got a new book out, Wishful Drinking. ’Twas a good show. I’ve seen her talk about her writing at the LA Times Festival of Books (in conversation with Sandra Tsing Loh), so I knew to stay tuned when the segment was announced.

A tidbit for Bro-ski, my brother of the wide-ranging and offbeat video collection: She talks about the Star Wars Christmas Special, which Bro-ski did bring and play at one of our fambly holiday gatherings.

Also: A listener calls in to see if he can confirm if Carrie Fisher did rescue his substance-addicted brother and take him to a hospital for treatment.

5 responses to “Carrie Fisher on NPR’s TOTN, Wishful Drinking, Star Wars Christmas Saga”

  1. Hal

    O. My. Gohd.

    Your brother played the Star Wars Christmas Special at one of our family holiday gatherings?

    The horror, the horror…

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Have a wery wookie holiday!!!!

  3. Anne B.

    So what did Fisher have to say about the Star Wars Christmas Special? I think I may have seen it – I was pretty crazy about the movie, but not watching a lot of TV then.

    Love Fisher’s writing, though.

  4. Bro-ski

    Ya know, that Star Wars Holiday Special was so bad it was good– ya just need someone that’s seen it before to judiciously hit the fast-forward-motion button thru a lot that is just completely unwatchable (prolly more than half of the “Holiday Special”) Carrie Fisher sings! So does Starship! (Was that Starship or someone else?!) Chewbacca finally gets to celebrate “Life Day”– what’s sooo wrong about that?!

    Happy “Life Day” everyone…

  5. Susan A. Kitchens

    Anne B… just follow the link in the main post. You’ll find out.

    Broski… LOLOLOL. I think that in the interview she sang a little quip from it. Really, it’s worth listening to on several levels. 😀 😀