Comfort ye, comfort ye, my people

or not. Dedicated to bloggers everywhere, and to Robert J.C. Parry and comment-thread over at the newly-returned Foothill Cities blog.

Comfort ye, my commenters.
Comfort ye, my commenters,
saith your blog, saith your blog.
Speak ye snarkily of politics,
and cry unto them,
that their ranting is accomplished.
Their disagreements hardened.

Every political view shall be exalted,
And every commenter made low.
your rationale straight
And your rough views plain.

Why does the nation so furiously rage together?
Why do these comments rage,
and why do you people imagine a vain thing?
The snarks of the earth rise up,
and the poets take counsel together,
against the blog,
and against the comment-thread.

(Libretto reference, in case you need it)

Carry on.