Civics Literacy Quiz

Test your civics knowledge in this 33-question quiz.

I got 88% correct. How’d you do?

6 responses to “Civics Literacy Quiz”

  1. Ontario Emperor

    32 out of 33 correctly — 96.97%. But 88% is very good.

    I assume that this is the quiz that has been discussed over the past week. It asks about a broad range of civics knowledge – not just Constitutional history, but also significant historical events as well as business and economics.

    I’m not an advocate of limiting the electorate to “knowledgeable” people (can you say poll tax?), but at the same time I wish that there was a good way to encourage civics knowledge in the electorate.

  2. Cathy M

    28 out of 33 right – 84%

    I didn’t know squat about Jefferson’s letters, and my memory of Econ 101 has grown dim.

  3. Smarter Stuff

    How’s Your Civic Literacy?…

    Take this 33-question quiz and find out! I got 32 out of 33 (missed the last one).(from 2020 Hindsight)……

  4. Hal

    I’m pretty surprised as I consider myself pretty weak on economic policy… Luckily I wrote a paper in High School on the Lincoln v. Douglas debates, so I knew what they were centered on. Plus, Thom Hartman (Air America) talks about Jefferson’s letters a lot, so I knew where the idea of a “wall of separation” had come from.

    You answered 33 out of 33 correctly — 100.00 %
    Average score for this quiz during November: 77.8%
    Average score: 77.8%

  5. David

    28 out of 33-84% and I am quite happy with that because I have the feeling most of my peers (51-ish)from my small town, would fare similarly.

    The nuns used to wash our mouths out with Boraxo hand soap for getting mouthy or cussing. They’d swat us for more egregious offenses. In public schools they’d swat us too. We feared our parents finding out. They beat us for getting beat at school. We mostly all only got “beat” a couple of times and we got the message. We all learned our lessons for the most part.

    Nice blog, nice link.

  6. Wendy Wartes

    Many of the economic questions are very leading in their assumptions and I’d say not at all fair and balanced. Though I scored very high, I had to iqnore the assumptions in the questions to answer. I wouldn’t pass this quiz along. And I agree with Hal, I scored better because I listen to Thom Hartman.