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Thanksgiving 72 years ago, in Denver, during the Depression

Today I came across this letter postmarked November 26, 1936. It’s from my great-great-Grandmother to her daughter. ggGrandma resigned a teaching position in Taos and took the bus north to Denver. Here she describes her Thanksgiving dinner. More context and more of the letter at my other site. I have discovered most thrify places to […]

Civics Literacy Quiz

Test your civics knowledge in this 33-question quiz. I got 88% correct. How’d you do?

Research in public: Table top photo studios

Tabletop photo studio for shooting your little still lives. Or small stuff. Things like that. Make it yourself: Cardboard box, funkadelic light reflector, cheapo work lamp lighting. The cheap photo studio. Another DIY post. Home Depot, odds and ends, 25 bucks. Commercially available: photo studio in a box: $89.95 under $100. This kit contains everything […]

Economics links tabdump

Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway might get a credit downgrade. It’s the downgrade, not the credit default swap, that severely bruised AIG. A great set of posts about bailing out auto companies. Invidious comparisons, Labor’s love lost, Save the rust belt, Right to work. (I wish that Megan McArdle had categories on her blog; it’d be so […]

Towers of Gold at Huntington Library Friday night

Towers of Gold at Huntington Library Friday night

So, this woman goes downtown and walks into the historical society. She says, “Archivist, I’ll have a box of great great Grandpa” (his stuff. papers.) Archivist says, “Which box? I’ve got 40 of ’em” 40? Whoa. So this woman digs in and realizes she’s onto something big. Great great Grandpa BUILT California. That’s right. Built. […]

Towers of Gold book review

Towers of Gold book review

I finished reading it a week ago. I posted my review at my other site. It’s a personal family historian’s Best of All Possible Worlds scenario — follow a hankering to learn more family history for the sake of the kids, and go to the state historical society, discover not just one but dozens of […]