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LA County Judicial Races

Metropolitan News to the rescue. They follow the courts and legal stuff, and which judicial candidates are well qualified, qualified, or not qualified. The link goes to their list of endorsements and reasons why. Read it and vote.

Economist endorses Obama

The Economist Democracy In America blog post about the endorsement, which you can read in full. Add that to the ongoing list of newspaper endorsements.

After 1 week of DSL outage, I’m back up

It was a long week. Spent time elsewhere for some matters, but this is a return to “alleged normal”

2008 Presidential Campaign as D&D Game

Because in the last week of the campaign, in addition to GOTV and canvassing and calls, we need posts like this. [via Making Light]

CA and LA Co Ballot Propositions, Transportation Edition

After a trip to Pittsburgh (pictures to come), and returning to a prolonged DSL outage, I’m connected to the net and trying to decide down-ballot judicial races and ballot initiatives so I can complete my early mail-in ballot. I’ll post some helpful links here. California Prop 1A. High Speed Rail. Just came across this post […]

Proud pumpkins for Obama

Yes We Carve dot com