Bailout Bill Factoid: 3

Courtesy of Jonathan Martin of Politico. I really want to write this like the Holy Hand Grenade bit from Monty Python.

Three is the number of the House members who voted Aye on the Bailout. Three, that is, the combined total of House members that hail from the states of Arizona and Texas. Not one, not two, nor four, but three. Arizona being the state represented by the Senator, John McCain, who is the nominee of the Republican Party for the office of President of the United States. Speaking of which office, Texas is the home state of George W. Bush, the current holder of said office.

UPDATE: oh dear, a second visit to the source post, and there’s a changed title: 4. So much for holy hand wringing about the number 3.

There are 23 total Republicans in the House from the two states. None of the four Arizona Republicans, conservatives all, supported the measure.

Bush wanted the bill to pass. McCain’s people were already bragging about how, with his help, the measure passed. oops. But neither of them could successfully muster House members from their state to vote for it.

Now that’s leadership.

update: this post notes the Illinois vote tally. Illinois is the state of Barack Obama. Which voted 9 aye and 9 nay.