We’re all Poppy Bush’s friends now

“The circles below represent the size of U.S. government bailout, calculated in 2008 dollars. They are also in chronological order.”

Bailout history (and size)

From the History of U.S. Govt bailouts (w/ annotations). Go there to see what each bailout is. All the bailouts in the gray box are during the Bush 43 administration.

I remember back in 2000, when George W. was touting his alleged “CEO” credentials (as well as his uniter/not divider), I read articles about George W’s other business ventures. The oil business. That went under, paid for by Poppy Bush’s friends. The baseball team… Poppy’s friends had something to do with that, too. There wasn’t a single thing that George W did that turned out well; and every single time, Poppy Bush’s friends came along to make things right.

Look at those circles inside the gray box. We are all Poppy Bush’s friends now. Our children. Our great-grandchildren. Our great-great grandchildren. We’re all Poppy Bush’s friends, come to make things right after that boy, George W, made a mess of them.