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Fail. (latest on financial meltdown)

Fail. (latest on financial meltdown)

Planet Money covers Paulson’s & Bernanke’s congressional testimony. With a brilliant failblog-worthy image taken of the tough crowd in the room. NYTimes liveblogs the hearing Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images BTW, AIG’s outgoing boss turned down his severance pay. Here’s a list of places to check out news of financial crisis dealings: Naked Capitalism Calculated Risk Paul […]

The author of the Bush/Cheney energy plan: We’ve reached peak oil

Look for $500/barrel prices. Or higher. Learn to garden. Get comfortable walking shoes. During a trip to Saudi Arabia in February 2003 with his friend Herbert Hunt (yes, the son of H.L. Hunt who, with his brother Bunker, almost cornered the silver market in 1980), [Matt] Simmons had become suspicious of the Saudis’ claims about […]

How close were we to meltdown? Pretty damn close

According to Megan McArdle. She talks about money market funds, and explains a bit more what “breaking the dollar” means. Spooked investors, who did not want to lose out if the fund “broke the buck” started withdrawing as fast as their little fingers could punch the buttons on their phones. Now, this money market fund […]

Another perspective on the financial “crisis”

Doug Miller: [via Hal Rager] It strikes me that an insufficient number of financial analysts, brokers and executives are jumping out windows. We may need to help. Word.

50 East SGV Hospital Employees dismissed for medical fraud

MaryLu Wehmeier: They had forged CPR cards. She brings her perspective as a former hospital administrator to this situation. Too busy (working multiple jobs) to take a 4.5 hour class to get the actual certification? Yow. From my sources I learned that one or two of the local hospital employees, over at Queen of the […]